Our primary objective is to ensure that all investments are managed in the best interests of members.

Australian markets

We have appointed ACSI (Australian Council of Superannuation Investors) as our domestic proxy adviser and adopted the ACSI Governance Guidelines as part of our Proxy Voting Policy.

A copy of the ACSI Governance Guidelines can be obtained from their website.

As a general rule, we support the ACSI Governance Guidelines. However, we may take an alternative position if we believe that it is in the long-term interests of our members.

Our investment managers are required to notify us if they do not intend to vote in accordance with the recommendation of ACSI. We have the discretion to override a manager’s intended vote.

Votes not made in accordance with the recommendations of ACSI are reported to our Investment Committee, together with the rationale.

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International Markets

We have appointed CGI Glass Lewis to provide proxy voting research and recommendations for the Vanguard International equities portfolio. 

Copies of the regional policies are available on the CGI Glass Lewis website. 

Our international investment managers are required to undertake proxy voting and this is set out in the relevant Investment Management Agreements.

The managers must provide us with a copy of their policies regarding the exercise of voting rights, and promptly inform us in writing of any change to their policies.

They must also inform us in writing if they exercise a right to vote in a manner that is inconsistent with the policies disclosed to us, and where voting rights are exercised against any such policy. We have the discretion to override a manager’s intended vote.

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