Nominate your beneficiaries

In the event of your death, the payment of your benefit will be determined by us taking into consideration any directions that you may have made through a death benefit nomination.

By keeping your nomination(s) up-to-date you can make sure that the right people receive your benefit.

Nominating a beneficiary

A nomination of a death benefit can only be made to dependants or a legal representative.

A number of nomination options are also available. The right one for you will depend on the type of account you have with us, and how sure you are of your personal circumstances. The options are:

If you have a more than one account, like a super account and an income stream account, a separate nomination is required for each account.

To learn more read our Nominating beneficiaries and claiming a death benefit fact sheet.

How to make a nomination

You will need to complete a form confirming the name of your beneficiaries and the percentage of your benefit to be paid to each person. For binding nominations you will need to have the form witnessed by two people who are not nominated as beneficiaries.

Superannuation forms
Binding death benefit nomination form
Non-binding death benefit nomination form
Income stream forms 
Income stream death benefit nomination (reversionary and binding)
Income stream non-binding death benefit nomination
Defined benefit forms
Binding death benefit nomination – Defined Benefit lump sum (excluding any lifetime pension)

Binding or non-binding?

If you have a valid binding nomination in place, when you die we must pay out your super according to your instructions. If you do not have a binding nomination, we may use our discretion to review other claims against your benefit.

Lapsing or non-lapsing nomination?

A non-lapsing binding death benefit nomination does not expire, but we will still send you a courtesy letter every three years to remind you of the status of your non-lapsing binding nomination.

A lapsing binding nomination is valid for a period of up to three years after the date of signature. For the nomination to remain current, you must confirm the nomination in writing before the end of every three years. We will write to you to let you know when your lapsing binding nomination is about to expire.

A non-binding nomination does not expire. You should change your death benefit nomination when your circumstances or preferences change.

Reversionary beneficiary

If you have an income stream, it is also possible nominate your spouse as a reversionary beneficiary. This means that if you die with money in your income stream account, your income stream will continue to be paid to your spouse. Nominate a beneficiary for your income stream account.

Lifetime pension members

The treatment of death benefits for members with a defined benefit life time pension account is determined by the rules of the Fund, not by death benefit nominations.

How to cancel your beneficiary nomination

You can cancel a current binding death benefit nomination by completing and returning a binding death benefit cancellation form. You must have it witnessed by two people who are not nominated as beneficiaries.

Making a claim

If you wish to make a claim for a death benefit you should call Customer Service on 1300 650 873. A customer service representative will explain the claim procedure and send you the necessary forms and other paperwork.

Read the Nominating beneficiaries and claiming a death benefit fact sheet for more information.