Making contributions

How to make a personal contribution

There's a number of ways you can make a personal contribution to your account.


To find out what your BPAY® biller code and customer reference number is, check your statement, login to your account online or call us. No contributions forms are required when you use BPAY.

Your BPAY customer reference number is a unique number that is also different to your member number. 

® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518
Electronic funds transfer (EFT) 

Step 1: Complete a transfer payment via your internet banking facilities using the following details:

Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Account name: First State Super 
BSB: 062 000 
Account No: 10226245
To Account description: Use your First State Super member number.

Step 2: Complete a Contributions by Cheque and EFT form. You must include your First State Super member number. Send the form to us by:
  • Fax: “Attention First State Super Cash Receipting” on 02 4253 6111
  • Post: First State Super, PO Box 1229, WOLLONGONG NSW 2500
  • alternatively you can fill out the form online
Direct deposit 

Step 1: Make a direct deposit at Commonwealth Bank using the following details:

Account name: First State Super A/C [your First State Super member number and name] 
BSB: 062 000 
Account Number: 10226245
Agent Number: 999
To: If you are asked for a reference number please give the bank your First State Super member number and your name.

Step 2: Once the deposit has been made please send us the following details of the deposit:
  • Member’s name and member number
  • The amount of the deposit and date it was made
  • The name branch where the direct deposit was made
  • The receipt number of the transaction
These details can be sent by:
  • Email:
  • Fax: Attention First State Super Cash Receipting on 02 4253 6111
Cheque or money order 

Please complete a Contributions by cheque and EFT form. Send the completed form and bank cheque, personal cheque or money order to:
First State Super 
PO Box 1229 


Types of contributions

To make additional salary sacrifice or after-tax contributions to your accounts through your employer please complete a Contributions by payroll deduction form. Give the completed form to your payroll manager.

Salary sacrifice (before-tax) contributions

You may sacrifice salary into super from your before-tax pay and benefit from some tax advantages.

Learn more about salary sacrificing into super and how you might benefit.

Personal (after-tax) contributions

You can top up your super account with your after-tax pay. If you’re considered to earn a low income, you may also benefit from some of the Government incentives to save into super.

To make a one-off personal contribution

You can top up your super account at any time by making a personal contribution with your after-tax money. If you earn less than $50,454 in the 2015/16 financial year, you may also benefit from Government co-contributions. For every dollar you contribute, the government will co-contribute 50 cents, up to a maximum co-contribution of $500 if you earn $35,454 or less.

Superannuation Guarantee contributions

If eligible, you can choose to have your employer pay your superannuation guarantee (SG) contributions into your First State Super account. Complete a Choice of fund form and hand it to your payroll manager at work. Read more about taking us to a new job.

More about making contributions – there are caps!

The government limits the amount of contributions you can make. Any contributions in excess will be assessed by the ATO and may be subject to a higher tax depending on the option you choose. These limits (or caps) apply to all contributions, regardless of how many super accounts you have.

Before tax (concessional) contributions (includes employer SG, personal deductible contributions for the self-employed and any salary sacrifice contributions)

Age Contribution cap (2014-15 and 2015-16 financial years)
Under 49 $30,000
49 and over $35,000

 After tax (non-concessional) contributions

Age Contribution cap (2014-15 and 2015-16 financial years)
Under 65 $180,000 (or $540,000 over 3 years)*
65 and over $180,000

*If you’re under 65 before the start of the new financial year, you can bring forward up to two years’ worth of after-tax contributions (making a total of up to three years’ worth of contributions) and make a much larger single contribution. If you do this, your limit for the following two financial years will be reduced accordingly.

Exceeding the caps

If you exceed your before-tax contribution cap, the ATO will give you the option to withdraw up to 85% of any excess before-tax contributions made during the financial year from your super fund and have the excess before-tax contributions taxed at your marginal tax rate, plus an interest charge.

The ATO will give you the option to withdraw your after-tax contributions over the cap amount without any additional tax but any associated earnings will be taxed at your marginal tax rate less a 15% rebate on tax already paid.

For more information about contribution limits and the taxes that apply, view our fact sheet.


Need advice?

You have access to single-issue advice at no extra cost about making superannuation contributions to your First State Super account.