Our range of calculators can help you to review your superannuation, insurance and income streams.

Super projections calculator
What could your super be worth in the future? Get a projection of your super balance in retirement and an estimate for how long it could last.
Contributions calculator
This calculator can show you the difference between making salary sacrifice and personal after-tax contributions. It looks at the impact on the Federal Government's co-contribution and on your take home pay.
Insurance cover and cost calculator

This calculator helps you work out how much insurance cover will cost and how much cover you could need.

Income stream calculators

Transition to retirement strategy calculator 
This superannuation calculator is designed for employees aged 55 to 75 years old and thinking about setting up a transition to retirement income stream (TRIS). The calculator displays 4 scenarios using employed income, TRIS income, salary sacrifice, superannuation guarantee contributions, income tax, tax on super and their impact on annual take home pay and increases/decrease to super balances.
Maximum & minimum pension payment amounts calculator
This superannuation calculator can show you the annual minimum and maximum income amounts you may be paid from your First State Super income stream account. It is designed to help you decide the amount of income stream payment you would like to receive each year.

Financial calculators

Budget calculator
Designed to help you calculate how much income is needed to cover living expenses.
Savings calculator
Designed to help you calculate how your savings will grow over time.